Primal Engineering Instincts

3rd day digging on tomorrow’s topic:

I’m searching, asking, reading – trying to get to the core of engineering instincts.

– Have we forgotten them, have technologies made us negligent; is there such a huge gap between the software engineers who create the technologies and those who use them, even complain about them;

– Do we all suffer from Programming Mastermind Syndrome, and is it a “Joey doesn’t share code” situation or are we just put in situations like “there’s no time for high-fidelity solutions, we have to release now”, “you’re not here to learn, you’re here to work”, “if someone complains, we’ll change it later”, “what’s the minimum you could do”;

– Is a motivated developer a mythical creature, and does the labour market actually discourage the growth of complex engineers who care about the client, the team and the business at all;

– Once upon a time, we were called R&D (Research&Development). Today we are simply the Tech team – those who can write code. The R&D has moved to Product & Design… not that they can’t, but where did the engineering thinking go. It’s fancy to be called “software engineers”, but how much “engineering” we do today;

There are no question marks because, at the moment, these questions are rhetorical, and I’m waiting for someone to convince me that the situation is not so bad, or at least not everywhere… 🤔🤔🤔

Charge yourself with enthusiasm, have a fun week and join me tomorrow, Nov 22, 5PM UTC, to get to the bottom of “Primal Engineering Instincts” and the qualities of a good software engineer.


Nov 22 2022


7:00 PM - 8:00 PM