The engineering mindset means zero tolerance for inefficiency.
Combined with a broad and deep understanding of software development processes and quality management, I'm here to help you find the most optimal solutions to improve your business.

Stop wasting your resources!

Software development companies pay a tremendous cost of inefficient processes and tools. The most effective way to reduce that cost is through optimization and continuous improvement. Become more efficient while increasing your team engagement and your customers' loyalty.



Reveal the current state of your processes. Expose the cost of inefficiency. Bring clarity to the everyday life of your team and customers, and increase your trustworthiness.


Organize, Optimize, Operate! Organize your process, documents and tools. Optimize them for your goals and context. Let it work for you and prosper from efficient operations.


Continuously observe, evaluate and improve your processes to keep your business on the top of the league. Build up competitive advantages by stable and predictable workflows.

Process Improvement

  • Identify improvements in your development and testing processes for clean and fast workflows.

Quality Assurance Strategy

  • Define the overall Quality Assurance strategy for your product or service.

Test Plan

  • Build a Test Plan for your feature, sprint, release or your entire roadmap. Integrate testing in your release cycle and catch defects early.

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Are you ready to improve?

It isn't easy to see the flaws from the inside.
The most efficient way to initiate a process improvement program is by inviting someone with a fresh eye. As an independent consultant, I don't carry the burden of all internal, complicated relationships, and I'm not already overwhelmed by the daily challenges in your company. At the same time, I know what it takes to build high-quality products, manage highly productive teams and cater to loyal customers. I'm here to help you bring clarity, efficiency and sustainability to your business.

We, who build software products and services, are customers ourselves.
The moment we forget this and stop improving is when our customers start paying our competitors because of our awful service.

Don’t let this happen.

Let’s talk and identify your most expensive processes and how to optimize them!

Expertise, Authenticity, Dedication - these are my 'tools' in building the most efficient process architecture with the capabilities tailored to your unique business context. If you're ready to stop paying the cost of chaos, book an appointment and let's skyrocket your results together.