3-Module Mini-Course. 3 Dates in April. Just Pick Yours!

What is it today, dear Product Manager?

Is it one of those days where you try to explain to your development team what you meant with this user story?

Or is it a marketing day, you’re crafting copies and yet again trying to figure out which your target customer is? 

Perhaps, it’s the Retrospective day, but you’re not really sure you’re up for it right now.

Being a successful Product Manager is the hottest profession at the moment. 

You are under the spotlight but also under immense pressure. The entire responsibility is passed on to the Product Managers today in every startup.  

Let me try to guess what you do every day for a living:

And many more. Your job is insane, and you are an exceptional professional. 

You take care of literally everything while catching up on your most important task – building incredible products and relationships.

Is this your day, my dear Product Manager? I bet it’s even worse sometimes with all these impossible to meet expectations. 

I know all these challenges actually make you happy in a weird way. You love your job and wouldn’t do anything else in the world.

But how do you really feel? Have you asked yourself recently? Maybe not lately. You don’t have time for that. You barely have time to eat. 

If this is your typical day, it’s about time you take care of yourself. Remember, you are human, just like your customers, team, and stakeholders.

And I’m here for you to help you streamline your day and get back your nights. Because I know you don’t have enough sleep either.

While thinking about you, my friend, I figured out you need to take a step back and open your eyes for the most powerful driver in the world – feelings.

  • Feelings are what make us humans.
  • Feelings are the sole reason for someone to change. 
  • Feelings are the ultimate selling point.
  • Feelings make it or break it for every relationship we have, personal or professional. 

It’s time to learn how to employ the power of feelings and succeed with Human-Centered Product Management (for Agile Startups)

Enough with the numbers. Enough with strategies. Enough with the tables and charts. 

Learn how examining human feelings can change the way you build and deliver products – software products. 

I’ve developed this 3-module mini-course – 90 minutes each – just for you. I want to help you put your day in order and get your work-life balance to a healthy level.

  • Ignoring our own feelings as a team creates toxic relationships.
  • Failing to understand our customers’ feelings dooms our features to failure.
  • Not prioritizing our stakeholders’ feelings will undoubtedly lead to tough feedback and reviews, and jeopardize the entire product. 

We can’t let these happen just because we’ve been too busy putting fires down all the time and haven’t found the time to… breathe. 

That’s all you need now. 

Take a deep breath and reflect during our meetings. 3 meetings, 90 minutes each, all about you and how to safely walk your way through the jungle of everyone else’s feelings. Click any of the buttons with the date that is most convenient for you to proceed to checkout and get your access.

You will learn not only how to deal with others’ feelings. 

You will learn how to look deep inside their souls and help them articulate their desires – what they really want to achieve. 

You will learn how to guide conversations, brainstorming, retrospectives, and reviews in a safe and open manner so that everyone is willing to share and listen.

You will learn how to explore people’s feelings to discover the optimal products and solutions. 

If you’re new to Product Management, you’ll learn so much from this course. It will prepare you for real life. After the course, it will be much easier for you to integrate into any company, and it will also provide you with an enormous advantage – knowing how to study human feelings in a technical environment. 

Learn how to become a trusted and respected member of the engineering team even if you don’t have the most substantial technical background, which you don’t need at all anyway. 

The only thing you need to be good at to become an outstanding Product Manager is understanding how people’s feelings affect their decisions!

If you’re an experienced Product Manager, you probably have already thought about all of this. 

But have you indeed? Aren’t you just focusing on meeting everyone else needs more than yours? 

Let’s talk about you again. You know that the more successful you are, the less time you have for your friends and family, for your hobbies. Do you even have a hobby? 

Are you familiar with burnout? I hope you never meet this one. This course will help you remember the important things in life and work and keep your mind sane. 

Take a breath, get your seat to my course, and let’s fix your professional relationships, so they are beneficial to you too, not just to everyone else.

Our meeting will be eye-opening for both you and me. Yes, I’m sure.

I can’t wait to show you how much you can improve your work life, personal productivity, team performance, the trust and confidence your team has, the reliability of your company, and the loyalty of your customers. 

Join my original 3-module course, Human-Centered Product Management for Agile Startups, and learn how to make the best out of each day.

3 dates are available in April. Just pick yours and proceed to checkout!

I’m here for you. I know how you feel. I want to help you uncover and explore feelings in a safe and pragmatic manner and engage this power to:

  • Build products of the highest value for your customers.
  • Lead and develop a team of highly-motivated and outperforming engineers.
  • Enjoy healthy work-life balance and relationships.

By the end of Human-Centered Product Management for Agile Startups, you will have gained exceptional knowledge and skills to drive the development of unique software products that everyone loves with the help of amazing development teams.

Get your access now and learn how to bring humanity to the software industry.

Let me reveal a small part of the course agenda and why you should join by all means. 

Module 1: How do you want your users to feel when using your product?

  • Learn how to put yourself in your customers’ shoes to reveal their secret goals, needs, and desires, and visualize how they will use your product. 
  • Learn the most compelling questions to ask during collaborative discovery sessions to identify the most anticipated user behaviors and plot spot-on user experience.
  • Learn how to analyze user feelings and behaviors to develop meaningful and thorough user stories that account for both the functional and non-functional qualities of your features. 

Module 2: How do you want your team to feel while building it?

  • Learn how to lead technical sessions from the user and team perspective, what the questions that will mitigate the highest risks are, and how to introduce collaborative implementation to help your team build fantastic features from the ground up faster than ever. 
  • Learn how to speed up the entire software development process by recognizing your team’s feelings, enabling independence, and empowering their confidence.
  • Learn how to give your team essential feedback, always be there for them, and build your credibility. 

Module 3: How do you want to feel being a successful Product Manager?

  • Learn how to focus on the things that matter most. The things that will make the most significant difference and the things that will take you closer to your goals.
  • Learn how to carry out smooth, satisfying and yet exciting and productive meetings with the entire team, including your stakeholders and customers. And do this remotely.
  • Learn how to find your associates, get the support you need, and most importantly, how to be a great mentor and help your teammates enhance their skills. It’s a win-win for everyone.

Not too bad, isn’t it? Don’t miss it. 

Join me on this challenging journey and learn how to engage the power of feelings – Human-Centered Product Management for Agile Startups to deliver high-quality, high-value software products fast, work with outstanding people and be happy!

Book your seat now for 70% off the price and get 2 personal coaching sessions for 80% off the price.

Join a wonderful community of Product Managers who will get their teams ready to grow up! 

I almost forgot! You will also receive 2 sensational bonuses:

Have you heard of the Lumberjack paradox?

A man was walking through the woods when he came upon a lumberjack attempting to chop down a tree.

The lumberjack was chopping madly away but barely making any impact on the tree because his axe was so blunt. The man asked the woodsman: “Why do you not stop and sharpen your axe? The chopping will go much faster”, to which the woodsman replied: “I don’t have time to stop and sharpen my axe!”

Your mind and your feelings are your axe. Let’s get them sharp! See you there 😉